Release to receive 31 day challenge

OK my friends, are you ready to go on a little journey with me? It won’t be easy. We’re going to have to give up some things. But I think the reward will be so worth it.

Here’s the deal. I’ve  been reading Lysa TerKeurst’s new book The Best Yes, which is all about filtering through the endless demands of life and listening to God in order to discern what to say “yes” to. Last night while reading I had a bit of an “ah-ha” moment. Lysa wrote about how in order to receive the best things — the things God truly wants for us — sometimes we have to release the unhealthy things we’re holding on to.

Think about that room or closet in your house. You know the one. That room you don’t allow visitors to see? It’s crammed full of stuff you’re holding on to that you probably don’t use, but you’re sure you will need some day. Maybe it even has boxes that haven’t been unpacked since your last move. That room or closet totally bothers you because you can’t use it properly, nor can you find anything that’s in there when you actually need it. Yet, you put off cleaning it out and getting rid of things because it’s easier to just hold on to it. So instead you are missing out on being able to use that room or closet for something better.

My messy closet
My scary closet prior to a recent cleaning. Amazing how when my closet is in order it filters into other parts of my life.













Of course, a cluttered room is pretty prosaic and commonplace. But I bet you have more significant areas of your life that are begging to be released of something so you can receive the blessings God has in store for you. I know I have a few.

So, here’s what I’m doing. Tomorrow starts a new month so it’s the perfect opportunity to start initiating some change. I have identified two areas of my life where I need to release in order to receive. Both of which, I believe, are contributing to my constant fatigue.

The first thing I’m going to release is evening TV. Every night it’s the same story. I finally get the kids in bed and collapse on the couch about 9 or 9:30 p.m. The TV comes on so I can try to decompress from the day. But instead of just watching for an hour and then getting to bed at a decent time I end up staying up way too late because one show never seems like enough or I am too busy multi-tasking and lose track of time.  And when you start your work-day at 6 a.m., going to bed at midnight is not a healthy habit. Inevitably I’m tired the next day, which can make me cranky, short-tempered, and unmotivated.

The second thing I’m going to release is late-night snacking. A regular companion of the evening TV is the late-night snacking, usually on something  unhealthy. Not only does this work to sabotage my healthy eating goals, it also interrupts my sleep and/or makes me feel bad in the morning.

So starting tomorrow, and for every day in October I plan to find a better way to spend my evenings. Instead of TV I’ll read, talk to my husband, work on my blog, or even clean out a closet or two! And if I crave something to eat I’ll have a piece of fruit or green smoothie instead.

Romans 12:2

I don’t know yet what will happen by releasing these bad habits. But I am open to receiving whatever good things God has in store for me.  And I have a feeling that by the time October 31 rolls around I will be feeling a bit more rested and restored. Of course, I’ll keep you updated along the way.

So who wants to join me? Are there things in your life you could release in order to make room to receive God’s blessings? I encourage you to pray about what areas of your life could use some release. If you do decide to join me and feel comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Release to receive 31 day challenge”

  1. I read your blog as I stuff my face with some pizza flavored Pringles and feel no regrets 🙂 so I stop and think, what is a bad habit, cause I know I have many!, that I feel God is asking me to give up? Coffee, I’ve been drinking 2 or 3 cups a day since I started my new job and it has not exactly helped my anxiety level. So I will have only 1 in the morning, then water the rest of the day. I’m sure more can be cleaned out, but that’s it for now!

    1. Haha! Remember it’s not just about giving up guilty pleasures (like pizza flavored Pringles), it’s about letting go of the things you know are holding you back or preventing you from something better…some blessing God has to bestow. If the coffee is adding to anxiety then that is a good one to cut back on!

  2. Ok 1 more thing, I say no too much. I know that sounds opposite of the book you are reading. But I know for me it’s more of a control over my schedule, what I want, what I think is best for my kids and husband, I can’t handle people doing things that I wouldn’t do or affect me negatively, or I let affecte. So I will say yes more, I will try at least once a day to say yes.

    1. I love that, Melissa…so insightful to realize that sometimes saying no isn’t the right answer. Just make sure you pray about those things before you say yes so you’re sure it’s what God wants for you and you’re not just saying “yes” to try and be more agreeable. Love you!

      1. I’m not agreeable at all… Lol. I see what your saying through and I won’t say yes to things that will bring harm to anyone, but maybe letting my teen go somewhere and trust instead of assume, or let Bella get the sweet snack instead of the fruit once in a while. I think for me it’s just more about picking my battles, the more control I try to have over things, the more stressed I am that things are not going my way.

  3. I love this article. It really got me thinking. My first response to many things is fear when asked to do anything. Doubt or anxiety can stifle a perfectionist to stay still and be comfortable. So I say NO to fear and am stepping out to obey God and confront fear head on since it is not from God. I wait to see God do the impossible as I let him lead instead of fear keeping me paralyzed. Thanks for the thought provoking insights Jelise and Melissa. I’m getting out of the boat so I can walk on water with Jesus!

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