A New Year’s Prayer

Beloved Father,

Thank you for the many moments of laughter, joy and delight you brought into my life this past year; for time spent with friends, family and all whom I hold dear.

Thank you for the challenges and hardships, the sorrow and loss; for it was in those painful times that I was able to remember how you suffered and died on a cross.

A new year is upon me and I am filled with great hope and anticipation; wanting nothing more than to draw closer to You and be your dearest relation.

As the weeks come to pass, I ask you to give me pause in the moments of happiness and peace, to not rush through my days in a hurry or work without cease.

And during those times of fear and sadness that will inevitably come, I pray I will seek the comfort and strength of your arms and to the enemy’s plots I will not succumb.

While I don’t know what the new year will bring or what the future has laid, I will take comfort in knowing that it will all be part of the plans You hath made.

I praise your name dear Father and put all of my trust in You, for all that is to come in this year anew.



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