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When God creates extraordinary out of the everyday ordinary

Do you ever feel like God is calling you to do extraordinary things, but then you look around and feel like your life is as ordinary as they come? I know I do. And sometimes that call in my heart leads to dissatisfaction in my daily life. I imagine whatever it is God’s calling me for, it can’t possibly look like this.

By day, I work in corporate marketing for a big IT company. While it’s mostly been a rewarding and successful career, I never really planned to be here. Late at night, as I lie awake in bed, I hear God whispering into my heart, calling my name, and I wonder how my daily work is amounting to much of anything special. I wonder why He’s calling me: a wife and mother of three, with a regular old corporate job. I’m not a Bible scholar; I didn’t go to seminary; I’m not on the front lines of the mission field. Yet I feel it vibrate through my entire being – God is calling my name.

I will tell you honestly, I’ve struggled for much of the last two years thinking there must be something more God wants me to do. Some way to serve Him that’s bigger and bolder! While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to serve God in big and bold ways, the problem comes when you use a worldly definition of “big” and “bold” and miss what God has put right in front of you. That’s where I was up until last month when I attended a Christian women’s conference. It was during this weekend that I finally woke up and heard God say “look for the everyday opportunities to minister, and I will use them in extraordinary ways.”

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